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I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in Washington State, and work with individuals and families (ages 16 and older). I obtained my Master's Degree in Individual and Family Therapy from George Fox University, located in Newberg, Oregon in 2006. I have worked in a variety of clinical settings, including community mental health and private practice.


My areas of focus for therapy include the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, stress management, family therapy, parenting skills, life transitions, personal growth, spiritual exploration and healing from religious trauma. I provide an LGBTQIA+ friendly environment for individual and family therapy treatment.


T  H  E  R  A  P  E  U  T  I  C     A  P  P  R  O  A  C  H

I am an Experiential therapist. This clinical orientation comes from the Experiential-Symbolic school of therapy as pioneered, primarily, by the works and writings of Carl Whitaker and Virginia Satir. 


While I employ the use of effective therapeutic tools provided by the Cognitive Behavioral therapeutic model, the Experiential orientation to therapy extends deeper into the exploration of personal narratives, personal growth, self-awareness, finding healing for old wounds and practicing inner reconciliation as necessary and vital components for healing and growth.

Providing a new and healing experience of yourself during the therapy session is one of the goals of Experiential therapy. In this sense it is important that both therapist and client work together in a collaborative way toward the successful completion of your treatment plan goals. 


In addition to Experiential Therapy, I utilize insights and techniques from Mindfulness practices, Jungian Depth Psychology, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Narrative Therapy. I also contribute some of my own journaling techniques that I have cultivated and used with clients to help guide them to a deeper and fuller understanding of themselves, as well as learning how to extend more healing and compassion to those parts of themselves that have experienced woundedness and shame.


Matthew D. Markell, MA, LMHC

J  O  U  R  N  A  L  I  N  G
W  O  R  K  S  H  O  P  S

I offer day-long, intensive journaling workshops based on the content of my published work, "The Fire That Never Dies: Dragons of the West."

These workshops are designed to help us identify our "inner dragons" and learn to tame them through writing, active imagination and specific journaling techniques. These methods teach us how to engage in an intentional dialogue with our inner dragons for the purpose of healing and inner reconciliation.


Through this process we learn to regard ourselves with more compassion and curiosity which fosters the inner healing process from old wounds that we may have been carrying around for most of our lives.

To learn more about journaling workshops, click on the "Dragon Journaling Workshops" page. 

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